Our Experience and Personal Touch

Maximizes Your Rental Property Investment

Trust Sierra Pacific Management to professionally manage and care for your rental property with a personal touch. We carefully manage and tend to your property as if it were our own. Our staff happily strives to meet or exceed your expectations.

Life as a property owner and landlord can be challenging. Vacancies can be costly and quality tenants are sometimes difficult to find. There are monthly rents to chase down, a constant need for repairs, midnight move outs and clean outs to deal with, bills to pay and inspections to conduct. For over 45 years, Sierra Pacific Management has made the lives of investment property owners hassle-free and profitable. We efficiently and reliably provide a range of property management services that include:

• Advertising
• Tenant evaluation and procurement
• Property and rent evaluation
• Security deposits and rent collection
• Move in and move out inspections
• Routine and emergency maintenance
• Evictions

Our smart marketing fills vacancies quickly with qualified tenants. We constantly enjoy company wide high occupancy with low turnover. This is a great combination for everyone! Our maintenance team handles repairs well and in a timely manner. We make sure the terms of leases are followed.

You will give us your business because you want to, not because you are bound by a long term contract. We only ask that you give us three months after signing. After that, our contract may be cancelled by either party with a simple thirty-day notice. We will do everything possible to earn your trust and continued business! You can count on that!

Our Owner Portal allows you to stay in touch with us and your property. From the comfort of your own home or with the convenience of your tablet or smart phone, you have immediate access to important information pertaining to your property. Of course, we are always ready to take your calls and are available to meet in person as well. Whatever works best for you!

Owners who are ready to lead a hassle-free existence should contact Sierra Pacific Management to discuss the possibilities. Contact us at our offices in Yuba City or Colusa. Maximize your property investment with Sierra Pacific Management today!